Norfolk Broads,  Elite Fleet Hire Craft from Barnes Brinkcraft, Wroxham

We’re pretty sure that our hire boats are amongst the best cruisers you can hire on the Norfolk Broads.  These boats are bang up to date, with beautifully designed interiors, plus quite a few features you find on newer privately owned boats. They are a little bit more spacious, have cutting edge kitchens and bathrooms - check out Rhapsody, it even has a towel rail, wine cooler, solar panels and a stern thruster.

What’s a bow or stern thruster?

A thruster is a mini engine (well actually an auxiliary propulsion device) on the side of the boat that pushes the boat sideways.  Quite a few of our boats have bow thrusters which make mooring up (parking) easier, but Rhapsody is the only one in our fleet to have one at the bow (pointy end) and one at the stern (back). It means you can move the boat sideways, so no excuse for making a mess of parking up now!

Some of our hire cruisers are built with pretty cool black-out windows, see Serenade and Encore.  You can see out….but they can’t see in (unless you put the lights on!)

Each of these boats come with 2 free parking spaces, a small welcome pack (tea, coffee etc) toiletries, towels and a bottle of cava to start your holiday off in style.  Plus of course, everything you would expect and need aboard a normal hire boat

Wifi and Electronics

For those of you who find it more stressful to leave their email behind, the elite fleet hire boats do have built in hubs that provide the best mobile signal you can get without a sat phone.   Whilst the mobile signal is boosted it still relies on a mobile signal and there are still a few bits of the Broads National Park that mobile signals have yet to reach!

We provide you with enough data to keep most people’s emails current, but it won’t be enough to stream your favourite tv show or keep the average social media addicted teen topped up.  For that, you can purchase more juice as you require it.

The solar panels (found on Serenade, Rhapsody Quartet and Encore), inverters and shore-lines give you much better electricity supply than most hire boats.  So, they all come with 240v supply and normal electric sockets.  That means the boats will run a hairdryer, and a kettle, but you’d be pushing it to run both at once - and once the power is gone, the engine needs restarting to renew supplies.

To help you find our newest and most up to date hire boats more easily, we’ve grouped all the elite fleet cruisers together here.

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